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I’ve been updating a few posts recently, so I thought I’d summarise my efforts here:

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Don’t Vote: viral marketing election campaign 2008

Thanks to Zac Martin for his I Like to Sneeze blog about viral marketing. Another excellent product from the young marketing student who also writes Pigs Don’t Fly. In his latest viral post, Zac shows Don’t Vote which is a video specifically designed to go viral by asking viewers to send it on to five friends. However, the video is also compelling and very watchable, grabbing your attention for nearly five minutes. As Zac says:

Featuring a number of Hollywood celebrities discussing the upcoming 2008 United States Presidential Election the clips runs at 4 minutes and 45 seconds. This is a long time to keep the viewer engaged, but the content is that good it works.

But that’s not the only key to this campaign’s success. As I mentioned above, it holds a number of different places in today’s top viewed videos. This is only possible if the video exists in a number of different places.

In this case, four on YouTube and one on MySpace Video. Only two are official (interestingly both on the same account) with the other three appearing unofficial. The people behind this campaign have realised the importance of letting complete control of the message go and allowing consumers to upload it.

The Don’t Vote video has fallen back now on the Video Viral Charts, however, it was obviously a well structured and managed viral campaign. As Zac identifies in many of his posts, developing an online Viral strategy is about far more than just creating compelling content and hoping people will pass it on. It’s about identifying where to host the content for maximum impact, who to target with sends, how to follow it up with PR, and a myriad of other online and offline marketing manoeuvres to kick it along.

UPDATE: And then there was the sequel to Don’t Vote which I wanted to put here for the record.

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