Wassup2008 hottest viral video sequel

Remember that quintessential American advert for Budweiser that introduced the world to America’s version of G’Day Mate. Well it’s returned, but not for Budweiser, this time it has a tragic-comic political stance that has taken the blog world by storm over the past two days. Here’s both the original and the current version of “Wassup” for comparison.

Update: Here’s an extract from a post that goes behind the Wassup2008 viral video and explains how it all came about.

Who’s behind the “Wassup2008” Obama ad. Not Budweiser – by Burt Helm (Business Week)

This morning when I blogged about the “Wassup 2008” Obama video, two questions sprung to my mind. First, who paid for this thing? The production values are very high – one person from Budweiser’s ad agency, DDB, estimated it could have cost as much as $750,000 (she also said DDB had nothing to do with the video). Second, how could Budweiser possibly be cool with such a clearly partisan advertisement?

After some digging, I found out. First, it cost way less than $750k. Second, Budweiser had no clue it was happening until after the video hit YouTube on Friday.

The man with the answers? Charles Stone III, the director of the original “Wassup” commercial and the movie Drumline (and the guy who answers the phone in the first frame of the video). He decided to make it about two weeks ago, he told me, with a crew of about 50 volunteers (all professionals working pro bono). They put it together in 9 days.

Read the rest of Burt’s post here.

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