What comes beyond digital media and mobile internet?

As this blog is called Beyond Digital Media, I was intrigued to see a Google Alert come in from Linkedin: Answers containing this same ‘title’ phrase. The question posed was:

Beyond digital media and mobile internet, what is likely the next major revolution in Telecom?

Although asked seven months ago, you can follow the link for an interesting discussion of the future.

There are many suggestions, however, the first (and perhaps the simplest) grabbed my attention.

Matthew Byron, V.P. Business Operations and Investor Relations at Globecomm Systems, said:

Take a step back and ask yourself how far the “mobile Internet REVOLUTION” will go without a revolution in battery power. Once you get to that..then you can have your question answered.

Battery power will not only effect online and mobile aficionados, travelers and business people who need to stay connected – it will also have a major impact on commuting and other forms of power generation that currently impact on global warming. The more efficient our batteries become the further battery powered cars will go, for example. Currently the much talked about Tesla can travel “about 220 miles (354 km) without recharging, something no other production electric vehicle in history can claim.” However, it can then take around 3.5 hours to recharge. The further battery powered cars can travel and the faster they recharge, the more likely they will become an option for the average consumer.

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