Woman jailed after ‘killing’ husband’s avatar

The Maple Story home page

The Maple Story home page

I have just read the article below on The Sydney Morning Herald website and it ties back to my recent post on the potential of virtual worlds such as Second Life or MMORPGs like Maple Story and World of Warcraft (WoW). This event, the killing a virtual husband’s avatar, happened in Japan where virtual worlds and online games are hugely popular. According to the Herald article, the Japanese are the third most represented nationality in Second Life after Americans and Brazilians. Here’s what happens when an online relationship breaks up in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Piano teacher jailed after ‘killing’ virtual hubby

A 43-year-old player in a virtual game world became so angry about her sudden divorce from her online husband that she logged on with his password and killed his digital persona, police said today.

The woman, who has been jailed on suspicion of illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data, used his ID and password to log onto the popular interactive game Maple Story to carry out the virtual murder in May, a police official in the northern city of Sapporo said.

“I was suddenly divorced, without a word of warning. That made me so angry,” the official quoted her as telling investigators while admitting the allegations.

The woman, a piano teacher, had not plotted any revenge in the real world, the official said.

She has not yet been formally charged. If convicted, she could face up to five years in prison or a fine up to $US5000 ($A7500).

– I highly recommend reading the rest of this article.

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