Clare Werbeloff: the last word 2.0

Once you start covering a subject you have to finish it, I guess. So here’s the latest.

Tim Burrowes from mUmBRELLA ventured to Luna Park last night for a catwalk show to launch the new computer game ‘The Sims 3’. The event was run by The Project and he saw Werbeloff sitting in the front row, later to be asked up on stage for a catwalk.

One of the questions from media insiders when all this broke was, “Was Werbeloff connected with The Projects?,” and “Was she out there trying to create viral marketing pieces for The Projects?” I’ll let Tim from mUmBRELLA explain the rest of what he saw.


Google Australia head at FED

I was happy to be at the recent Fouth Estate Domain (FED) networking event for media and technology professionals. Karim Temsamani was ‘on the couch’, as they like to say – because the interviewee of honour sits on a lounge – and was interviewed by Martin Dalgleish. The night was filled with excellent networking opportunities and was coordinated by Sally Mills and Harris Madden from LaVolta and Mike Walsh (who was out of town). Mike usually does the interviews, I believe, however, Dalgleish stood in as guest host to grill the Google boss in his absence.

During the interview Temsamani answered (or avoided) questions about: breaking down the Google balance sheet and P&L into more meaningful numbers; Google’s reaction to new search engines, WolframAlpha and MS Bing; whether Google were going to use their significant cash store for an acquisition spree; why even Google felt the need to lay people off, given their strong performance; and many others.

Here is a link to the inteview with Temsamani.