Wiki Wednesday on 12 November at Atlassian

James Matheson from Saikore and CustomWare just left a message on the Events page to say that:

Wiki Wednesday is happening again on 12th November 2008. We have added a bit more structure this time around, with guest speakers and a proper venue. Please join us a Atlassian’s HQ at 6pm. You can find out more at the Wiki Wednesday site here:

Wiki Wednesday’s are a great opportunity to meet some of Sydney’s top experts in the field of Wiki design, implementation and strategy, including James, Angela Beesley from Wikia, Tim Starling from the Wikimedia Foundation, and senior execs from Atlassian, to name a few.

Let me know if you want any further info on this FREE event. As they say on the Wiki Wednesday website:

Every few months in Sydney, a group of developers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, consultants, educationalists, accountants in practice, or anyone interested in wikis, social software, and web 2.0 get together to share their experiences. Everybody is welcome. Wiki Wednesday’s have been happening in Sydney for a couple of years and are also held regularly all over the world.

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