NAB UBank social media saga continues

As the “media shitstorm” – as Cheryl Gledhill calls it – continues, her company has decided to take down the original blog post that kicked off much of the controversy about the NAB UBank social media experiment, (Update: MyFutureBank has been closed, according to reports from The Better Banking Blog – see my next post. Thanks to the Servant of Chaos for the tip-off). The following article by Kathryn Small from iTnews summarises the issues:


NAB accused of dishonesty by social media commentators

NAB’s latest social media experiment has been slammed by commentators and customers as ‘dishonest and not-very clever’ behaviour.

The bank is accused of using anonymous accounts to criticise readers of its new website, UBank, and to post comments on a commentator’s blog.

UBank launched last week with a website for customers to provide feedback about banking in Australia.

The website reads in part: “We need your help. Please share with us and our visitors what frustrates you about your bank, and more importantly, what you would do differently to improve your banking experience.

“Regardless of the issue: rates, fees & charges, customer service, transparency & integrity or touch points (e.g. ATMs, branches, phone or internet banking), we want to hear from you!”

Users initially made comments like ‘plenty of ATM’s, and good customer service would be good’ and ‘I hate it that banks don’t pass on the full interest rate cuts’.

UBank’s head of online services, Monty Hamilton, wrote in reply: “It’s great to see some positive contributions – of course we can all post negative content, and that would be funny for a bit, but let’s keep it positive.”

One reader responded: “The instructions to the left say ‘Please share with us and our visitors what frustrates you about your bank’ – so I don’t know why you are suddenly turning around and saying ‘let’s keep it positive.'”

This was met by an anonymous commentator, who accused the reader of being “an agitated [sic] employee from a competitor bank”.

Social media commentator Cheryl Gledhill said in a blog post that the anonymous comment, and some others, appeared to be written by an incognito UBank staff member.

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NAB accused of dishonesty by social media commentators – Business – iTnews Australia

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Samuel, in the spirit of not moderating negative comments on a blog I wanted to let this through and answer it – unlike some companies that social media commentators are criticising. This post is a summary of several events, and several posts, that occurred around the NAB UBank social media event. It combines an article that discusses the event, but also opens with my own discovery (others, of course, made the same discovery at a similar or earlier time) that Cheryl Gledhill had taken down the original post. It is also valuable because if you hover over the link to the removed post, the original post still remains for your consumption. Updating posts is a common and standard process to give additional value to the content and context of the information. I have also followed this post with a second story on this topic to give it some closure. This is for the benefit of readers of BDM. Enjoy. Thanks, Chris

  2. This is just a repeat of other content. What’s the point of this ? Does the same thing have to appear so many times all over the web ??? A waste of time I would say !

  3. Hi Tara, I reckon there’s something in this for everyone… CB

  4. how dull is this story – really !

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