B&T Magazine launches new fortnightly format

Following on from my previous post about the viral marketing campaign B&T has been running at www.deathofsmalltalk.com.au/smalltalk.asp, the newly formatted, fortnightly magazine has started arriving today at subscribers letterboxes.

At the www.deathofsmalltalk.com.au, address an electronic version of the title is available for those who want to browse the content online.

New format for B&T Magazine - also digitised online

New format for B&T Magazine - also digitised online

Update: As you can see from the dead digital link above, B&T have decided to pulled down the online version of the newly formatted B&T magazine. The online edition was only up to give people a taste of what the new format wold look like.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Prue, I get the feeling that opinions will be divided for a while. Tim Burrows outlines in his editorial to the first re-vamped issue that “one fact” stories are now for the online publication B&T Today, however, many people still like flicking through and getting an industry snapshot in a print format. Is this a print vs online debate? Not really. It’s perhaps an argument for print AND online still needing to exist side by side. Cheers, Chris

  2. I’m not a fan.

    The beauty of the previous incarnation of B & T is that it was a quick read. 10 minutes cover to cover.

    I am only about 10 pages into the latest issue – and we have had it in the office since last week.

    Bring back the chit-chat!

  3. Less chit chat, more meaty issues – they say. CB

  4. Must admit that I like the new design … well it is a big improvement. And it is nice to see some focus on blogging starting to filter through.

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