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I just read this story on TechNation and wanted to re-post it as I concur absolutely. I have also met with Dan Walsh from Kwoff and highly recommend the site. I have had many discussions with colleagues about the value of a site like Kwoff for Australia and we agree that it is almost impossible to target or reach an Australian audience through Digg currently. Walsh’s co-founders are Stephen Mayne from Crikey and Greg Barnes. You can see Stephen Mayne put Dan ‘under the hammer’ on The Mayne Report.


Kwoff Gets Picked Up By More Big Media

October 1, 2008 9:08 am Kim Heras

Social news aggregator Kwoff continues to get picked up by more and more publishers looking to leverage the social web. Not long ago a link to kwoff was added under all online articles on the Daily Telegraph’s site. Now they’ve been added to News’s Victorian tabloid, the Herald Sun as well as the Illawarra Mercury, which is Fairfax’s regional newspaper for Wollongong and the surrounding areas.

There are 3 things that make me happy about this

1. It shows an even greater commitment by leading media outlets to social news

2. Both News and Fairfax could have stuck with Digg etc. but chose to add an Aussie site

3. Kwoff co-founder Dan Walsh (who I’ve spoken to several times) is a nice guy and it makes me happy to see nice guys doing well.

Actually, next time you’re posting something to Digg/Reddit etc. why not add Kwoff to your list? It’ll only take a few extra seconds but you’ll be supporting the local industry.

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3 Responses

  1. Your welcome Dan, I think the video brings out the TV personality in both you and Stephen. I was listening to Mr Mayne on 702 this morning explaining the Banking crisis as their regular “Shareholder Activist”. Always great to hear.

  2. Thanks Chris, although i could do without that video seeing the light of day again!

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