B&T makes some changes

The latest B&T magazine was shoved in my letterbox when I arrived home tonight. Fourteen virtually blank pages with nothing on them except:


plus a double-page-spread advertisement in the middle of the magazine showing two people lying on the floor (dead?) near a water cooler with the new B&T masthead on the page.

Agency Euro RSCG has created the TV and print ads to launch the new masthead and magazine format. The publishers have also set up a website at www.thedeathofsmalltalk.com.au with three videos of the TV ads, hoping they will go viral as part of the campaign. The site notes:

The new B&T will feature in-depth articles about the latest in advertising, marketing and media. Still delivering breaking news online, the new B&T magazine will go deeper, digging up detail and serving up the stories. We’ll get into it, so you can too.
May small talk rest in peace.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Zac, I saw your comments there on the Pan side … It’ll be interesting to see what they come out with for the next issue. Cheers, Chris

  2. I got home and too was surprised. I can’t believe I paid for that edition… or the amount of trees that was stripped for it.

    The campaign itself is executed nicely, but not sure how well the concept will work.

    Love the Pick or Pan idea though!

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