CMO needed to drive Aussie social media surge

I want to echo Julian Cole’s latest post from his Adspace Pioneers Blog about the need:

To get a CMO/CEO of a blue chip Company to state the success of an Australian Social Media Strategy in The Financial Review.

Read his reasons why, here.

Even a Google search turns up very little about social media success in the Australian marketplace. Is this an issue with a lack of education about social media amongst Australian marketers or a lack of interest in sharing  experiences? As Cole points out, the missing literature has Australia appearing far behind the USA, UK and Europe in embracing online social tools and strategies.

Any one with case studies?

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Gavin. Perhaps, if they’re not responsible for the SMM, they’re less likely to sing its praises. CB

  2. Unfortunately most CMOs have a short tenure. That means that the results of a social media program may not be available while they are still in the job. And unless you happen to produce a “viral” piece, you are unlikely to see smashing results within 6-12 months.

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