Olympic media scrum still needs bloggers

With the outpouring of Olympic information from every possible source over the past two (and more) weeks, you’d think the main-stream media could keep the public satisfied, if not moribund, with the cascade of statistics, images, stories of heroism overcoming tragedy and tragedy being defeated by courage. Yet, bloggers have found plenty of room to put their spin on proceedings. Over at A Stubborn Mule’s Perspective, Sean Carmody analysed the medal count using Swivel charts, not just by the usual population breakdown, but also by dollars of GDP.

The results were interesting:

With Jamaica in second place (after sitting in first for much of the competition) in terms of both medals per capita and third per dollar of GDP, I am now prepared to declare Jamaica the winner of the overall adjusted Olympics.

For the full report and charts see Olympic Medal Count by Population and GDP

Of most interest, from a digital media and blogger’s perspective, The Mule saw traffic skyrocket, and I mean seriously. People came to find these Olympic posts because, in all the mass media, 24-page daily newspaper supplements, multi-channel China and Olympic TV Specials, they couldn’t find this important analysis, comparing country-by-country efforts along multiple axes, anywhere else. So, no matter how much mass media content is churning through, there’s always room for intelligent blogging.


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  2. I found this widget that displays who won the 2008 Olympics from different perspectives.
    It displays medals won by total medal count and gold count.
    In addition it can show medals won per million inhabitant and per million dollar GDP.

    I think you might like it:-)

    Its easy to put on your blog

    A straight medal count isn’t necessarily the most fair:-)

    Cool Work Sean!

  3. There you go! Straight from the horse’s…. I mean Mule’s mouth!

  4. You’re certainly correct that the Mule saw a traffic spike. The medals per capita and by GDP post was published on the final weekend of the Games and boosted views on the blog by a factor of around 20 times for a couple of days.

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