Google tests business tool in Australia

Today I received an email from Anthill magazine asking me to test the latest Google tool.

Apparently, Google is testing the new online learning tool for business owners in Australia before it begins rolling it out internationally.

“10 Steps to Promote Your Business Online”
takes you through developing an AdWords search marketing campaign to promote a website, although, by the title of the product, I expected a lot more. I was looking forward to SEO/SEM tips, maximising the use of Google Analytics, design tips (eg: Eye-tracking), link tracking and so much more. But, of course, “10 Steps” is a promotional tool to assist companies learn how to use Google AdWords and search marketing more effectively.

Maybe with Google already supplying so many valuable products for free, it has created unrealistic expectations.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Bigyahu. Certainly, 10Steps is a marketing tool for Google. There is no question there. Over on Anthill’s Blog, James Tuckerman goes on to make the important point in his comments that Australian SMEs are behind other countries (like the USA and UK) in embracing search marketing. Our use of the internet, of course, is not so out of whack. I guess Google is trying to address this imbalance.

  2. mmyeah, i think the guys at Anthill got just a teensy bit carried away with themselves there – the 10 steps tool is definitely more of a marketing tool for Google than a marketing tool for Google’s clients. i hope the over-enthusiasm was just a case of not looking into the tool to closely and not a side-effect of being paid to promote the tool in editorial.

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